• The necessary tool for business development in IT channel industry-Elioplus

    Elioplus is a business development solution that connects software and SaaS companies that are looking for resellers to penetrate into new markets with new partners.

    For example, a software company that offers a business intelligence software can use Elioplus in order to find new resellers in it's preferred regions.

    How it works?

    Vendors can sign up free on Elioplus here and create a profile for their company. Also, at the registration process they provide info of their partner program and they are selecting up to 7 products/solutions that they want to find resellers for.

    Resellers can sign up free on Elioplus here and create their company's profile. At the registration process they provide info about their partnership preferences and also they choose up to 7 products/solutions that want to resell.

    Elioplus with it's advanced algorithm matches these two parts using 15 main partnership criteria like program maturity, training level, support and much more.

    Through Elioplus users can:

    – Find new channel partner through Elioplus advanced algorithm

    – Receive new leads right into their dashboard

    – Send direct messages to other companies

    – Rate and review partner programs

    – Post article links in Elioplus business development community

    – Communicate with their partners with Elioplus collaboration tool

    Elioplus is focusing especially in SMBs that don’t have the budget to use professional consulting services which are very expensive in order to find new partners and penetrate new markets. Based on research an IT Vendor has to spend up to $20.000 in order to enter a new small market and find his first resellers. Elioplus aims to bridge the gap between USA and EU and also India. There are many examples of software companies in USA that want to find new resellers in EU region. Elioplus can solve this problem fast, with accuracy and in an affordable price.

    Elioplus aims to become an all-in-one solution for business development where professionals can use it in order to:

    Find new partners

    Communicate with them very easily

    Manage them

    More info: http://elioplus.com


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